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You have decided to build your website. Maybe you can picture the perfect layout in your mind or maybe you have no idea what it should look like. Creating a good web design is can be more complicated than you realize. As modern consumer attention spans become shorter and shorter, it becomes even more imperative that you create both a beautiful design as well as an efficient one.

Principles of Great Web Design

Let’s look at some of the principles that are important to consider in order to ensure that your web design does more than just look great.

Less is More

First decide what you want your audience to see or feel when they see your website. A good web design never overwhelms the visitor with too much information. It’s important to offer plenty of white space or negative space on the page. Hook them with your content and not with too many fancy and unnecessary designs. Remember that less is more.

Compatible With All Devices

Most people use their mobile devices for their web searches. It’s important that your web design be compatible not only with laptops or desktops but across all device sizes. Your design should also work well on mobile phones, iPad, and tablets.

Communicate Effectively

Effective web design should also communicate well with your audience by giving them a clear path to follow. A complicated website structure will quickly frustrate any potential customers that visit your site. Instead, offer clear and engaging content, effective call to action elements as well as organized navigation to give your visitors a pleasant experience. Follow the three-click rule for an effective design that gets users what they need within three clicks of the mouse.

Follow The F-Pattern

Humans are used to reading with the F-Pattern or reading from top to bottom and left to right. It’s important to put effort into your web design to have your audience receive what they need by following this simple eye-tracking system. Remember to put the most important parts of your content in the F-pattern such as:

  • Your brand
  • Navigation
  • Call to Action

Be Consistent

Your web design has to be consistent with your brand. Making use of your brand’s signature colors, fonts, and style is a great way to build trust with your audience. Be sure that your company offers the same vibe across every presence that you build across the web.

Professional Web Design is More than Graphics

A good website design will build your credibility and communicate well with your audience. More than graphics and colors, your website design has to be user-friendly while ensuring that you deliver a consistent message for your brand. Along with great design, it’s important to consider all of the technical elements of seo optimization.

If you need help designing a great website, our professional team is ready to discuss how we can make your dream web design both effective and stylish. Contact us today to get started.

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