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Website SEO Checklist

As an SEO consultant, we always looking for the best website SEO audit checklists. This is what We use to present to our clients. It can be modified for my own needs.

This one doesn’t pay several hundred dollars. It covers all major SEO bases. This is up-to-date and has been around forever.

One of the cool things about this checklist is that you can do it 100% free with the free version of the SEO tool. Digital SEO Tool makes it available to you. So, my SEO friends here is the SEO site audit checklist for your site.

However, if you want to test a medium to a large site with more than a few pages at a time, you might need more scalable solutions like our Digital SEO Tool Site Crawl which includes new performance metrics and is still in beta state.

We are also big fans of many good SEO audit checklists including AhrefMOZ Site Audit Checklists which are available free and paid versions online. Also can join the technical SEO course on LinkedIn. This is especially important for SEO start-up budgets and small business owners who want to learn how to audit small websites on their own.

We like the audit checklist of Digital SEO Tool, especially the fit / fail selector elements. Since our examination is different, we have stolen some of these points and included them in our examination.

Site Audit Coverage

In the end, we conducted a very technical SEO site audit covering important technical SEO areas that had potential impacts on traffic and rankings. When we set up the audit, we realized that SEO wanted to look for other non-technical problems affecting traffic. We have set out to create a solid technical SEO audit checklist – a checklist that would cover important technical and SEO areas with significant impact on rankings and traffic – which could be completed in a short period.

We have integrated 8 quick checks to ensure maximum visibility across all types of search results.

  1. Basic

You can take a few quick steps to set up your audit for success, such as adding analytics to your files, setting up access to the search console, and doing site crawls.

  1. Crawling and Indexing

After covering the basics of technical SEO in the crawl and indexing section of your audit, search engines can find, search and index your content.

  1. Metadata and Structure data

Go deep into the meta structure of the data. Metadata and structured data are becoming increasingly complex for SEO.

  1. Content

As in SEO, we call content is king. Apart from the quality of the content itself, there are many technical problems with the content that needs to be reviewed and addressed. Content is not considered technical for SEO, but these issues can affect indexing and ranking.

  1. Link and Navigation

Google uses links to classify content in a variety of ways, so we have conducted 8 short audits to ensure that your links are optimized for crawling and ranking. Links are the road that holds your website together and connects it to the largest Internet in the world.

  1. Website Images

Images not only add relevance to web pages but also improve engagement. Google images are one of the largest search engines, and it is the world’s No. Images not only give websites relevance but also improve engagement and help to rank.

  1. Video

Video plays an important role on the web, and the truth is that many websites do not pay attention to it in SEO. Here are 4 check elements to make sure your videos rank correctly. This is an area that Google hasn’t quite figured out yet, but it’s solid technical SEO.

  1. Website Mobile View

More than 60% of website views come from mobile. Most SEO audits take place on the desktop, but a few quick mobile check-ups can make the difference between a good or bad ranking. After all, Google is all about mobile phones.

  1. Website Page Speed

The truth is that web page speed has always been important to SEO, but this year it is getting more attention than ever.

  1. Security

Many SEOs overlook security issues, but Google takes them seriously. The implementation of HTTPS (SSL) is another area where you want to check if and when your website is experiencing problems.

  1. Multilanguage website

This optional section applies if your website targets multiple languages or regions. This applies to both international and multilingual websites. Implementing hreflang and international targeting can be a tricky area, so you want to make sure that you get it right.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks are rarely included in technical SEO audits, but a lack of relevant backlinks is the main reason that good, relevant content is difficult to rank.

You can contact us for more details. So we can help on SEO.

Website SEO Checklist

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